Suspension Repair

pic4Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing a smooth, even, stable, rattle-free ride in a Mercedes. But when Mercedes suspension parts wear or crack, you will need a Mercedes suspension repair:

  • Mercedes-Benz CV (constant velocity) joints, boots
  • Mercedes-Benz control arms
  • Mercedes-Benz shocks
  • Mercedes-Benz struts
  • Mercedes-Benz tie rod ends
  • Mercedes-Benz suspension compressor
  • Mercedes-Benz suspension fluid, filters, pumps, springs, valves

We use OEM quality suspension parts.

If you experience any of these ride control warning signals, it's time to contact our Mercedes suspension experts immediately:

  • Mercedes pulls to one side while driving
  • Mercedes emits a thumping sound
  • Mercedes has a flip-flop wheel shimmy
  • Mercedes bounces, dips, dives when driving over bumps

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