Other Repairs

Mercedes are built with the finest craftsmanship but still receive wear and tear over time.  Other issues they may arise over time include:

Air Bags - light reset, re-install deployed air bag.
Convertible Tops - noises, rattles, leaks, locking tabs, hydraulics.
Doors - clips, seals, linings, hinges, locks.
Lights - motors, wiper arms, bulbs, fuses, lamps.
Mirrors - motors, fuses, switches.
Moon Roof / Sun Roof - leaks, sliding jaws rails.
Motor Mounts installation.
Pedals - sticking, lubrication, adjustments.
Seat Belts - light reset, adjust tension.
Windows - motors, locks, seals, linings.
Wipers - motors, wiper arms, clean washer nozzles.

We use OEM quality parts.

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