Exhaust Repair

When your Mercedes runs poorly and burns gasoline or diesel inefficiently, most likely a part in your Mercedes exhaust emissions system needs repair or replacement:

  • Mercedes-Benz catalytic converter
  • Mercedes-Benz EGR valve
  • Mercedes-Benz exhaust manifold
  • Mercedes-Benz exhaust gaskets, clamps, brackets
  • Mercedes-Benz muffler, tail pipe
  • Mercedes-Benz oxygen sensor

We use OEM quality exhaust and emissions parts, and the most advanced diagnostic equipment to spot Mercedes exhaust and emissions problems right away.

If you experience any of these warning signals, contact European Accents immediately:

  • Mercedes oil pressure and/or service engine warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes exhaust leaks or muffler sounds are excessive
  • Mercedes engine has a rough idle
  • Mercedes tailpipe emitting black or blue smoke

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