Electrical Repair

It's recommended you completely check and test the components of your Mercedes electrical system every two years to prevent a Mercedes electrical repair. We load test to certain standards, measuring the circuit loads to operate within 80% to 100%:

  • Mercedes-Benz alternator
  • Mercedes-Benz battery
  • Mercedes-Benz starter
  • Mercedes-Benz voltage regulator
  • Mercedes-Benz fuses, switches, relays, spark plugs

We use OEM quality electrical parts and high tech equipment to diagnose any Mercedes electrical problems within minutes.

If you encounter any of these warning signals, we suggest you contact us to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Mercedes electric fault warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes engine is slow cranking or not cranking at all
  • Mercedes is requiring a jump start often
  • Mercedes electrical components or accessories are not working correctly
  • Mercedes fuses keep blowing

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