You’re safe inside a Mercedes because you depend on its superior braking power. If you hear loud grinding noises or feel shaking movements when braking, don't ignore these Mercedes brakes repair signals originating from the brake system:

  • Mercedes-Benz brake calipers
  • Mercedes-Benz brake discs (rotors)
  • Mercedes-Benz brake drums
  • Mercedes-Benz master brake cylinder
  • Mercedes-Benz brake pads
  • Mercedes-Benz parking brake

We use OEM quality brake parts, and the most advanced diagnostic equipment to "pinpoint" Mercedes brake problems within minutes.

If you experience any of these warning signals when braking, it's time to contact our European Accents immediately:

  • Mercedes brakes warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes brakes grind or squeal with loud metallic noise continuously
  • Mercedes brakes grab and cause jerky stops
  • Mercedes brakes pull car to one side
  • Mercedes brake pedal feels mushy, spongy, or hard

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