AC Repair

To remain cool and comfortable, your air-conditioning climate control must flow evenly at all settings. An expensive Mercedes AC repair usually originates from loose or worn A/C hoses, relays, switches, or leaks in the basic components:

  • Mercedes-Benz A/C compressor
  • Mercedes-Benz A/C condenser
  • Mercedes-Benz A/C expansion valve
  • Mercedes-Benz A/C receiver drier
  • Mercedes-Benz A/C heater core
  • Mercedes-Benz A/C blower motor

We use OEM quality air conditioning parts and the most advanced air-conditioning diagnostic equipment to "sniff" out leaks or other Mercedes A/C problems within minutes.


You’re safe inside a Mercedes because you depend on its superior braking power. If you hear loud grinding noises or feel shaking movements when braking, don't ignore these Mercedes brakes repair signals originating from the brake system:

  • Mercedes-Benz brake calipers
  • Mercedes-Benz brake discs (rotors)
  • Mercedes-Benz brake drums
  • Mercedes-Benz master brake cylinder
  • Mercedes-Benz brake pads
  • Mercedes-Benz parking brake

We use OEM quality brake parts, and the most advanced diagnostic equipment to "pinpoint" Mercedes brake problems within minutes.

If you experience any of these warning signals when braking, it's time to contact our European Accents immediately:

  • Mercedes brakes warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes brakes grind or squeal with loud metallic noise continuously
  • Mercedes brakes grab and cause jerky stops
  • Mercedes brakes pull car to one side
  • Mercedes brake pedal feels mushy, spongy, or hard

Electrical Repair

It's recommended you completely check and test the components of your Mercedes electrical system every two years to prevent a Mercedes electrical repair. We load test to certain standards, measuring the circuit loads to operate within 80% to 100%:

  • Mercedes-Benz alternator
  • Mercedes-Benz battery
  • Mercedes-Benz starter
  • Mercedes-Benz voltage regulator
  • Mercedes-Benz fuses, switches, relays, spark plugs

We use OEM quality electrical parts and high tech equipment to diagnose any Mercedes electrical problems within minutes.

If you encounter any of these warning signals, we suggest you contact us to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Mercedes electric fault warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes engine is slow cranking or not cranking at all
  • Mercedes is requiring a jump start often
  • Mercedes electrical components or accessories are not working correctly
  • Mercedes fuses keep blowing

Engine Repair

Mercedes engines are very sophisticated and require special tools to repair, rebuild, or remanufacture them to their original standards. System malfunctions can occur in the engine core resulting in an expensive Mercedes engine repair.  Make sure and contact us before you have your local dealership perform any work below:

  • Mercedes-Benz cylinder head
  • Mercedes-Benz crankshaft
  • Mercedes-Benz camshaft
  • Mercedes-Benz crankshaft
  • Mercedes-Benz pistons
  • Mercedes-Benz engine seals, valves, plugs, bushings, hoses, lines, pumps
  • Mercedes-Benz engine gaskets, manifolds, timing chains, flywheels

We use OEM quality engine parts.

Exhaust Repair

When your Mercedes runs poorly and burns gasoline or diesel inefficiently, most likely a part in your Mercedes exhaust emissions system needs repair or replacement:

  • Mercedes-Benz catalytic converter
  • Mercedes-Benz EGR valve
  • Mercedes-Benz exhaust manifold
  • Mercedes-Benz exhaust gaskets, clamps, brackets
  • Mercedes-Benz muffler, tail pipe
  • Mercedes-Benz oxygen sensor

We use OEM quality exhaust and emissions parts, and the most advanced diagnostic equipment to spot Mercedes exhaust and emissions problems right away.

If you experience any of these warning signals, contact European Accents immediately:

  • Mercedes oil pressure and/or service engine warning light is blinking or remains on your dashboard
  • Mercedes exhaust leaks or muffler sounds are excessive
  • Mercedes engine has a rough idle
  • Mercedes tailpipe emitting black or blue smoke

Heating Repair

To remain warm and comfortable, your heating climate control must flow evenly at all settings. Often an expensive Mercedes heating repair occurs from not servicing the basic heating components:

  • Mercedes-Benz heater blower
  • Mercedes-Benz heater control valve
  • Mercedes-Benz heater core
  • Mercedes-Benz heater valves, hoses

We use OEM quality heating parts and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose Mercedes heating problems within minutes.

Suspension Repair

pic4Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing a smooth, even, stable, rattle-free ride in a Mercedes. But when Mercedes suspension parts wear or crack, you will need a Mercedes suspension repair:

  • Mercedes-Benz CV (constant velocity) joints, boots
  • Mercedes-Benz control arms
  • Mercedes-Benz shocks
  • Mercedes-Benz struts
  • Mercedes-Benz tie rod ends
  • Mercedes-Benz suspension compressor
  • Mercedes-Benz suspension fluid, filters, pumps, springs, valves

We use OEM quality suspension parts.

If you experience any of these ride control warning signals, it's time to contact our Mercedes suspension experts immediately:

  • Mercedes pulls to one side while driving
  • Mercedes emits a thumping sound
  • Mercedes has a flip-flop wheel shimmy
  • Mercedes bounces, dips, dives when driving over bumps

Transmission Repair

Preventive maintenance is key to avoid a costly Mercedes transmission repair caused by neglect. If your gears no longer shift smoothly, or remain in gear, you might need a Mercedes transmission flush:
Other warning signals you might need a transmission flush:

  • Mercedes-Benz transmission fluid has oxidized
  • Mercedes-Benz transmission fluid is dark brown, has sludge, a strange odor, or is leaking from your transmission.

When we flush your Mercedes transmission, we'll use approved Mercedes automatic transmission fluid (ATF). If we notice your transmission is leaking, we'll perform a more thorough diagnosis to determine whether your transmission needs to be rebuilt or simply requires parts replacements. We use OEM quality transmission parts.

Other Repairs

Mercedes are built with the finest craftsmanship but still receive wear and tear over time.  Other issues they may arise over time include:

Air Bags - light reset, re-install deployed air bag.
Convertible Tops - noises, rattles, leaks, locking tabs, hydraulics.
Doors - clips, seals, linings, hinges, locks.
Lights - motors, wiper arms, bulbs, fuses, lamps.
Mirrors - motors, fuses, switches.
Moon Roof / Sun Roof - leaks, sliding jaws rails.
Motor Mounts installation.
Pedals - sticking, lubrication, adjustments.
Seat Belts - light reset, adjust tension.
Windows - motors, locks, seals, linings.
Wipers - motors, wiper arms, clean washer nozzles.

We use OEM quality parts.

Steering Repairs

How well you can steer your Mercedes makes all the difference when driving in bad weather or on treacherous roads. Sudden loss of power steering can occur from not replacing a Mercedes steering repair part:

  • Mercedes-Benz steering pump
  • Mercedes-Benz steering rack and pinion, steering gear box
  • Mercedes-Benz steering fluid
  • Mercedes-Benz steering belts, hoses, seals
  • Mercedes-Benz wheel alignment

We use OEM quality power steering and manual steering parts.

If you experience any of these warning signals when steering, don't delay. Contact us immediately:

  • Mercedes steering is suddenly extremely difficult, hard or feels heavy
  • Mercedes steering feels like it's slipping back and forth
  • Mercedes turning corners causes rattle, clunking or squealing noises

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