Routine Service Checks

Engine oil and filter change. Required at specified mileage interval, or at once twice a year when using year-round multi-grade oil; otherwise twice a year (spring and fall).  

Engine oil level. Recommended check during the break-in period not later than 300 miles.

Automatic transmission fluid level. Recommended check regularly and prior to any long trip. We'll use only factory approved ATF's.

Brake (and clutch) fluid level. If brake fluid needs to be added, we'll determine the cause, i.e. leaks or worn brake pads.

Battery. Recommended check terminals for rust or corrosion regularly.

Windshield washer system. Recommended check. We'll add water mixed with Mercedes-Benz windshield detergent, and check the operation of your wiper blades.

Tires. Recommended check tire pressure at least every other week. We'll properly inflate your tires to the recommended psi. Tire balance and rotation should occur every 5,000 - 8,000 miles.

Lubrication. Recommended check at least twice a year. We'll lubricate engine throttle control linkage rods and shafts, and check for free movement and for wear.

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