services-02Mercedes are built with the finest craftsmanship but still require maintenance to run properly.  At European Accents we exceed what the dealer normally does for similiar services so your Mercedes runs at peak performance.

Flex A Service

Service-Engine-Soon-Light-220x182Recommended every 10,000 - 13,000 miles, or every year.

  •     Engine oil change & filter 
  •     Check & correct fluid levels
  •     Check & correct tire pressures
  •     Check interior/exterior lights
  •     Inspect brakes & tires
  •     Inspect poly v-belt & hoses
  •     Check seat belt operation
  •     Perform battery service & test battery
  •     Lube hood hinges & latches
  •     Reset FSS service display counter

Flex B Service

Service-Engine-Soon-Light-220x182Recommended every 20,000 - 26,000 miles.

All items included in "Flex A" service, plus:

  •     Replace climate control dust filter(s)
  •     Replace wiper blade(s)
  •     Inspect vehicle underbody
  •     Inspect suspension & front end components
  •     Inspect engine air filter
  •     Rotate tires (if applicable)
  •     Lube throttle linkage
  •     Check parking brake operation
  •     Perform diagnostic fault code scan test of vehicle systems
  •     Add fuel system cleaner/engine decarbonizer

Brake Flush

Brake-Warning-LightFluid should be replaced annually, preferably in the spring. On some of the SL, SD, SE, SEL and SEC models, a brake fluid change should happen every 2 years.

  •     Flush contaminated fluid from the brake system
  •     Clean the brake fluid reservoir
  •     Inspect the brake system for leaks
  •     Replenish the system with new Mercedes-Benz brake fluid

Coolant Flush

check-engine-warning-lightCoolant (water/antifreeze mixture) should be replaced no later than after 3 years. Before the start of the cold season we recommended checking for sufficient protection.

  •     Pressure-test the coolant system
  •     Inspect all clamps, hoses, fittings and heater output
  •     Drain the system
  •     Replenish the cooling system with Mercedes-Benz approved antifreeze

15k Mile Service

Service-Engine-Soon-Light-220x18215,000 miles (1997 and earlier models).

  •     Oil change & filter (Mobil 1)
  •     Replace spark plugs
  •     Check & correct fluid levels
  •     Check & correct tire pressures (including spare)
  •     Rotate tires
  •     Inspect belts & hoses
  •     Replace wiper blade(s)
  •     Check brakes & rotors
  •     Inspect vehicle underbody
  •     Inspect suspension and front end components
  •     Perform battery service & test battery
  •     Lube throttle linkages
  •     Add fuel system cleaner/engine decarbonizer
  •     Adjust mixture (if applicable)

30k Miles Service

Service-Engine-Soon-Light-220x18230,000 miles (1997 and earlier models).

All items included in 15,000 mile service, plus:

  •     Change transmission fluid & filter
  •     Replace engine air filter(s)
  •     Replace fuel filter
  •     Adjust park brake

Routine Service Checks

Engine oil and filter change. Required at specified mileage interval, or at once twice a year when using year-round multi-grade oil; otherwise twice a year (spring and fall).  

Engine oil level. Recommended check during the break-in period not later than 300 miles.

Automatic transmission fluid level. Recommended check regularly and prior to any long trip. We'll use only factory approved ATF's.

Brake (and clutch) fluid level. If brake fluid needs to be added, we'll determine the cause, i.e. leaks or worn brake pads.

Battery. Recommended check terminals for rust or corrosion regularly.

Windshield washer system. Recommended check. We'll add water mixed with Mercedes-Benz windshield detergent, and check the operation of your wiper blades.

Tires. Recommended check tire pressure at least every other week. We'll properly inflate your tires to the recommended psi. Tire balance and rotation should occur every 5,000 - 8,000 miles.

Lubrication. Recommended check at least twice a year. We'll lubricate engine throttle control linkage rods and shafts, and check for free movement and for wear.

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