About Us

pic 2Owners Greg Stone and Leslie Blankenship have over 50 years of combined experience working on Mercedes vehicles.  As specialist in Mercedes service and repair, they take great care in following and exceeding factory guidelines in order to maintain superior handling, ultimate performance, and most importantly safety and reliability for you and your vehicle.  

However the real value of their service is the expertise, knowledge, and practical service needs of your vehicle.  Cars evolve so does the technology that makes them operate and function.  Greg and Leslie understand the importance of being able to communicate with today’s computers in the newest Mercedes to a 50 year old vehicle that needs its own specialized care.  They are equipped with the same diagnostic equipment the dealer has and gets the same monthly updates.  It’s impossible to perform most Mercedes service and repairs without this important technology which allows communication with the vehicle and the receiving of live reports which provide accurate diagnosis of any problem that may exist.  They perform ALL factory scheduled maintenance, electronic system repair, computer diagnostics, A/C service & repair, engine & transmission rebuilding, clutches & drive train, brakes & suspension, and much more.  Let them know what your needs are and they’ll have you back on the road with less money out of your pocket and a guarantee on all their work.

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